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Struggling to Convert Visitors into Buyers?

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If you’ve ever wanted to know how to get more leads, traffic, and opt-ins…and convert that traffic into paying customers…

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You’re Not Imagining It: Ad Costs Are Getting More Expensive!

You know what it’s like. You’re sick and tired of spending too much money on ads and content marketing…that either get little to no clicks or give you subpar leads that only sometimes turn into paying customers. Stop guessing is your website optimized for conversions.

And you’re no stranger to feeling like…

You’re under pressure to get sales because your family, employees, or the board you report to only care about the bottom line — not why an ad or landing page failed to convert.

You’re exhausted from second-guessing how to market yourself — when there are a thousand different ways to grow and market yourself today — to get real, measurable results that will actually sustain and grow your business.

That there has GOT to be an easier way to earn sales without playing marketing roulette and crossing your fingers.

What you’d really like is having a digital marketing strategy that will drive traffic to you…and a dependable way to convert those leads into buyers.

But you don’t want just any leads or buyers. You need qualified leads that will convert into lifetime customers that buy again and again…

So you don’t have to keep spending your entire ad budget on acquiring new customers…and…

Most of all: you don’t want your paid ads and content floating around online, getting no engagement whatsoever…ultimately, driving your business into the ground when your ROI suffers.

Get the Results You WANT from Your Digital Marketing Campaigns… And Start Spending Less and Less on Ads

By taking advantage of our FREE website review, you’ll uncover: 

Effective Headlines

Speak to Your Audience Effectively

Call Out Pain Points, Fears and Desires

UI/UX Layout

Image Styling

Decrease Bounce Rates

Get Started Now in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1 - Submit Your Details

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Step 2- We Start the Review

Our team starts the audit process. A thorough review will be conducted to ensure your website health is optimized for maximum conversions.


Step 3- We Deliver the Review and Discuss

We deliver the review via email and we can schedule a time discuss your business goals and ensure they align with your digital presence. 

No access to your ad account needed!

Get Ready to Boost Your Growth & Develop Your Business

We cover everything you need to take your marketing to the next level. By the end of the review, you’ll:

• Understand Effective CTA Placement

• Know If Your Content is Sized Properly For Users

and Content Ratio

• Reducing Culture Shock Once Your Visitor Reaches Your Website

• Get Pro Tips on Re-marketing

• Understand the Benefits of the Omni-Channel Approach

• Learn Ways to Increase Your CTR/CRO

• Find Out How to Optimize Your Engagement

• Scale with Confidence

• Tips on Color Palette And Image Styling

Customer Feedback

Jared Drake

For the past 3 years, PalmPons has spearheaded our social media marketing efforts and allowed us to focus on growing our business. In addition to being an absolute pleasure to work with, they are always incredibly receptive, interactive, and responsive to our needs. Using PalmPons to take over our social media needs was one of the smartest choices we've made. Their content is always on time and full of creativity!

Crystal Schafer

Before launching my startup, I had no clue of where to start, but I knew the results I wanted. I came across PalmPons and took them up on the offer for the Free Live Digital Marketing Review. After the conversation with them I NOW have the right expectation of what I should expect from any digital marketing efforts. They are currently creating a marketing plan/strategy for me, but speaking with them before I started marketing was the smartest thing I did for my business so far! Thanks guys!

Jon Hammersmith

As an agency owner, getting your hands around things can be quite challenging. Before working with PalmPons I had a hand full of clients and found myself in constant fulfillment. I needed an affordable option and had worked with a few freelancers in the past. The work the freelancers had provided was subpar and I needed expertise in media buying, not just creating campaigns but managing them, reporting and optimizing. PalmPons was my saving grace! They had all the recommendations I needed to update my clients on their campaigns and I was able to onboard while they worked on fulfillment! They treat my clients as if they were their own! I have also been able to offer more service offerings essentially allowing me to scale my agency! No need to hire media buyers or social media specialist, PalmPons has it all covered. I hired a project coordinator just to help me out on request from customers, but PalmPons is a great fulfillment partner for my agency!

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